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Behaviour Services

Behaviour Services

Cessation & Solutions for Poor and Dangerous Behaviours

     Message us about your training or behaviour needs or fill out the enquiry form and we will get the process started to help.

BEFORE YOU BOOK - Behaviour issue?  Sudden behaviour change?  Have you seen a vet?

By eliminating anything medical before treating the dogs behaviour we can then formulate a behaviour program for your dog.

Daytimes and weekends available / Not available for evening appointments

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T & F  Reactivity sessions  

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To work in canine psychotherapy, to get to the root of the problem, to set a program tailored to your dog and to enable us to support you fully with aftercare we need to really get to know you, your circumstances and your dog..a historic profile etc..  to do this professionally takes time, a one hour appointment would not scratch the surface to do you or your dog justice.

Upon enquiring you will be sent a behavioural traits/temperament test questionnaire to return to us. An appointment will be made during which a behavioural analysis (historic profile) will be taken during the consultation and assessment of  behavioural issues. Your dogs behaviour will be explained. A program will be put into place, discussed and demonstrated 

In some cases a later continuity session may be required and will be booked at the end of the assessment. In the follow up session we progress the program /proof behaviours and demonstrate further how to maintain the new behaviours.

Anything that causes worry for safety of other beings such as aggression issues are classed as behavioural issues and include leash frustration/reactivity 

Aftercare support is given by email /messages and phone support whenever you need and further sessions can be purchased in any of our services.

3rd Party Written Reports can be requested.. see other services


What to expect from a behaviour consultation and assessment.

The behaviour consultation starts with an evaluation by means of a comprehensive questionnaire, this can be done before we visit to save you time during the consultation 

The consultation itself usually lasts for half a day in session, during which we will take a detailed assessment and will want to try to see the behaviour problem although we won't provoke a response, only to see what behaviour may normally be experienced in a given situation. 

A session may involve going out on a walk with you, or arranging for someone to come around that your dog usually demonstrates the behaviour with/for A profile/assessment will be taken and we will start to form a program that we can discuss and change accordingly to your needs or your dogs needs.

We will explain fully what is motivating the behaviour  It may be that your dog will need some skills putting in place in order to follow the program, this will be done during the first visit.

Once back in the office we then prepare you a report and or notes to support the session and email them to you. 

 A follow up visit may be booked in which we will have a clear and understandable program of coaching designed to help you through the problems you are having with your dog...this will be discussed and worked on together...we may need to work outside of your home and may require assistance from sources such as stooge dogs / decoy dogs / decoy children / events etc..

These often need to be booked and paid for in advance.  If you then decide that you would like further visits to progress - some clients find that they lack confidence in their own ability and the support at this time can really help with the 'real world' happenings and how to handle can choose from the other services

that we offer at this point.

We Are based in Law Village, Carluke and welcome you to join us in the village, or at locations



Strathclyde Country Park 

Lanark Loch 

Polkemmet Country Park 

Almondell Country Park 

For home visits, Adrianne can come out to you for coaching around areas of West Lothian, North Lanarkshire & South Lanarkshire